This was a peers collaboration , creating a special edition of 20 A3 prints, sold at £20. This Was to celebrate our graduation year being in 2020, at the same time that our Surface Pattern Design course turned 20!

the initial aim of this event was to come together as a large group to raise money for our future degree show in May.

I created my special edition print using a Lino relief print method, this was to translate my style, and add texture. Each print may have the same imagery, however they are each printed with slightly different hues and textures, as a block print can be unpredictable, and also depends on how I inked the Lino block. the colours range between forest green, royal blue and burgundy red.

My print was inspired by my journey to Cyprus in recent late  October. to hear about my journey check out my blog page –> ‘My Cyprus Odyssey’

Exhibiting  and setting up this little pop-up was a lot of fun! It was really nice to work as a team to make the event go through. The opening evening went extremely well, selling a large variety of prints, and celebrating with  lots of family and friends.

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