Designers That Currently Influence My Work

Harriet Popham

Harriet Popham is a great young designer who has inspired my work for years, and I have also been lucky enough to sit through a couple of her workshops taught at the University. She most definitely someone who breathes the joy of her work. Her prints are versatile, fitting into interiors/home ware/stationary/prints/commercial installation. 

Her work is mostly informed by travel and place, and her favourite being her family’s farmland home. This you can see through her quirky visualisations. She is a multi-disciplined illustrator, trained in embroidery and printed textiles with traditional and modern techniques. Recently Harriet has been working on creating large lino prints.  

Her work is always vibrant with colour and full of detail, such a joyful inspiration.  

I follow Harriet on a lot of her social media accounts as she’s always putting up new stories and images that are consistent within the theme of her work and memorising to view. 

her instagram account —->

My favourite pieces of work by her, would be the furniture with her tropical bird and city print.

Anna Hayman

I briefly met Anna at Clerkenwell Design week, May 2019. A very lovely and humble woman! She caught my attention instantly with her dark saturated coloured collection that she was exhibiting at the showcase. Her style is very dark luxe/60’s vintage/art deco, which is a growing unique trend. Since the brief meet at this event, I followed Anna on all her social media accounts to keep updated with what she gets up to now and her plans for the future, as I truly love her work and would love to build myself to her position in my future. 

Anna enjoys making her patterns through lino cutting, a traditional block printing method, then edited digitally for a clean coloured print. She is known for being part of the Dark Interiors movement, as along with the Interior Designer Abigail Ahern. 

I love her use of pattern and the way she constructs her repeats. Her work has inspired my own graduate collection, with bold prints, and dark saturated colours. Her material and final product are always to a high sophisticated standard, providing a luxe vibe with velvets, metals and natural materials, with interesting quirky repeats. 

Check out her Instagram also —-> <—- I absolutely love everything she posts!

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