My Cyprus Odyssey

Hey! Here’s a little update on what and where I’ve been recently. CYPRUS!  I spent two weeks in Cyprus with my partner,  traveling the island, from sandy beaches, to waterparks to the top of the mountains. The country is was such a beautiful and inspiring place to be, it had my creative brain twitching with ideas for new and exciting  imagery.

I came back from my journey with a broad variety of research that I wanted to apply to a new project. This is when I came across the new 2020 I-Dott Wallpaper Competition briefs. There were 4 to choose from, but one of which I thought would be perfect to build a body of work towards, that also includes my research and imagery from Cyprus. The title of the brief was ‘A Captivating Conversational Design’. My personal response to this brief will be to recapture my journey of Cyprus, in exotic maximalist prints, suitable for interior wall covering and soft furnishings.

UPDATED; 13/01/2020

The last few months I have been working on building a body of work to this brief, with a final outcome design that is suitable for interior Wallcoverings, and matches the brief to capture conversation, to tell a story or contains a narrative.

I spent a lot of time painting in watercolour, which I then scanned to digitise into a working repeat.

Below if my final developed print 🙂

Exotic Paradise

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