My Growing Love For Dark Interiors

To me, dark interiors are mesmerizing and intoxicating. They have an interesting look and feel, and almost give that sensation of being wrapped up comfort and sophistication. I love how dark colours naturally draw attention to a space. Darker colours have a presence in a space and can make things seem much grander, giving that sophisticated vibe. 

Black interior grounds aren’t for everybody, but I believe with pattern and print to liven it up, the flat colour is a great way to change those views of dark being gloomy. If colours aren’t your thing, copper, gold, brass, and chrome all sing when placed against a black surface. 

Abigail Ahern

Leading the new world of dark interiors is Interior Designer Abigail Ahern. I have been following her blog about dark interior spaces and décor inspiration.

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I also have been keeping updated with what Anna Hayman is up to, as she is also been recognised as being part of the dark interior movement, with her dark grounds and 60’s vintage luxe prints and material choices. 


Muck N Brass, which is founded by Zoe Pocock and based in London is a luxecycling brand that I have grown to love! They take old furniture and turn them into dark interior pieces of furniture with print and pattern, and elements of shine to really add to that elegant look. 

I love her whole concept of being sustainable in a fashionable way. not only is it fun and interesting but her products are unique and fits into parts of the dark interior trend.

Check out her Instagram page to see more and to keep updated with any workshops that she hosts.

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For my graduate collection, my goal is to create an assembly of small collections that are fit for dark interiors, with vibrant pattern and luxe finishings on wallcoverings, soft furnishings and hard materials. I am text block.

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